3M Thinsulate window film is very effective in keeping the heat at bay during the summer months and also helping in heating in the winter months. The film can definitely improve your home comfort and energy efficiency.

As an experiment we put the film on one of the glass window panels in one of our customer’s windows and left the other panel without the film. When the heat was in full swing we noticed that the glass with the film controlled the maximum amount of heat and stopped it from entering the room while the glass without the film did not.

Even the owner felt that the film was value for money and really effective.The best part about the Thinsulate film is that once it is installed you can see no differences on the window and the light comes in normally. But heat does not come in and thus keeps your room cool in intense summer months.

The 3M Thinsulate climate control window film works just like adding a window installation. This film will keep the clarity of the glass and also keep the heat out. You will not feel any difference on the windows and it will just work on its own. Thus you get the benefits in summers and in winter months too as this film does not stop the light it just stops the heat.

These are some benefits of the 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Film:

  • The house remains warmer in winter months
  • Energy saving on air conditioning in summer months
  • Keeps the home cool during the summer months
  • Has a natural appearance and you cannot make out the difference with an untrained eye
  • Does not mar or spoil the aesthetic appearance of the house or the windows
  • Blocks harmful UV rays which cause fading and spoils the furnishing.

Thus is a great idea to get this film installed in all your home windows so that you can enjoy all the benefits it offers and make you home super comfortable.