Stone is the ultimate in flooring materials. Whether quarried from natural rock or created from composites, it comes in almost infinite colours, textures and patterns. Properly maintained and cared for, no other flooring material can give your facility a more impressive image. The 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System is scientifically designed to maximize the beauty, safety and easy maintenance of stone floors. It features the extreme abrasive power of 3M™ Trizact™ Abrasive Pads for restoration, the advanced hybrid technology of Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector, and the proven performance of 3M™ Floor Pads, Cleaners and Application Systems. It’s the complete stone floor system that reduces chemical use, boosts productivity and helps cut your cost to clean.

Benefits of Scotchgard Floor Protector over conventional Stone Polishing

• Excellent Gloss Level
• Reduces general wear & tear on floor
• Reduces operational budgetof maintaining the floor
• Anti Skid Properties-NFSI certified
• Environment Friendly –Zinc Free
• Reduces Need for Scrubbing –Lesser Chemicals required
• Easy to Maintain-Only Dry Buffing
• Perfect for heavy traffic areas