3M Scotchfil Electrical Insulation Putty

Applications & Features

a. Used to as a levelling putty in irregular electrical joints like bolted joints, T-joints etc. b. To build up cable splices and fill out major irregularities and voids in electrical splices in order to obtain a uniform base for further taping.
c. To smooth bus bar irregularities
d. To moisture seal multi-conductor cable connections, cable glands etc.
e. Has to be used in combination with Scotch 130C and Scotch Super 33+ or Scotch 35 or as overwrap.
f. UL “Recognized” Category OCOT2, File No. E59951Non-corrosive, synthetic rubber.
g. Has excellent ageing properties & is non-drying
h. ROHS & REACH compliant & hence environment-friendly
i. Has a 5-year shelf life when in a clean & dry area at a temperature of 21°C and 40 to 50% relative humidity

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