3M SCOTCH 130C Linerless Splicing HV Tape

Applications & Features

a. Used for primary insulation for splicing all types of cables, high-voltage splices and terminations up to 69kV. Also used for bus bar insulation, motor lead insulation & jacket repair.
b. Has no liner & hence is easy for application & no issues of liner disposal.
c. Provides excellent moisture-sealing of electrical connections & also offers good weather ability (ozone resistance & UV resistance as per ASTM-D-4388) d. Provides excellent corona resistance & thermal conductivity
e. Most effective when used in combination with 3M Super 33+ wound as an outermost layer.
f. ROHS & REACH complaint & hence environment-friendly.
g. Has a shelf life of 5 years when stored below 21 deg.cel. & relative humidity of 40 to 50%

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