3M Self Fusing Silicone Rubber Tape Scotch 70 HDT

Applications & Features

a. All splices on spacer cable operating at 15 kV and above shall be overwrapped with scotch 70 HDT Tape. Can also be used for bus bar insulation, motor lead insulation & jacket repair exposed cable insulation on the lug side of assembled stress cone kits, which will be operated either outdoors or in areas subjected to contamination or moisture, shall be overwrapped with at least one layer of Scotch 70 HDT b. The 70 HDT product also has a triangular (tapered edge) profile and blue guidelines to make half-lapping application easier. The tape has a peak thickness of 20 mils, an edge thickness of 8 mils, and a blue centre guideline.
c. Provides excellent track resistance, arc resistance, ozone resistance & weathering characteristics.
d. Class H material(180°C continuous operation)
e. Excellent instantaneous fusion; does not need to be held down. Has excellent conformability & matches Sky Blue Gray Munsell 5BG7.0/0.4 f. Most effective when used in combination with 3M Super 33+ wound as the outermost layer.
g. ROHS & REACH complaint & hence environment-friendly.
h. Has a shelf life of 5 years when stored below 21 deg.cel. & relative humidity of 40 to 50%

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